Plan + write a high-converting website. Even if you’re not a writer.

If you’re a SaaS founder who 1) saw a problem in the world, 2) poured your soul into creating something that solves that problem, and 3) now need to convince the world to care as much as you do about your new product…this book is for you.

You’re smart. You know you need to market what you’ve built with compelling messaging across your website.

But when you try putting words on (digital) paper, endless questions batter around your brain. How do I make my copy as compelling as 1:1 demos of my product? Am I supposed to have an “about” page? How do I talk about benefits, vs. features? 

Why is it so hard to pull everything out of your brain, and onto the page?

This is your blueprint for writing a website that converts high volumes of visitors into customers.

Planning and writing a compelling website requires intense time and effort. And if marketing + copy aren’t your expertise? You’re probably spending extra time hemming and hawing over what you’re supposed to say, and what information should go where.

Or you’re haphazardly slapping words on a page in frustration — and your sloppy copy is tanking your signup rates.

Websites that Convert fixes both problems. This is the exact process I use to plan and deliver conversion-focused web copy — previously as Calendly’s Director of Marketing, and now for all my B2B SaaS clients.

Once you’ve finished this book, you’ll know the fundamentals of:

  • How to create a strong, goal-based website strategy
  • How to identify which pages of your site are mission critical, and which you can put on the back burner for later (or cut completely)
  • How to get inside your customers’ — or future customers’ — heads, and understand what they really need to hear to sign up for your product
  • How to scour the internet for sticky, swipe-worthy website copy — so you don’t have to write from scratch or guess what words to use
  • How to actually talk to your customers 1:1 — not near as intimidating as it sounds!
  • How to distill all your customer research into the messages your target audience is dying to hear
  • How to write website copy that makes people say “Damn, I need to buy this.”

“Thanks to your book, we were finally able to nail our value prop!”

–Christine Schuster  |  Pixavo

Here’s what you can expect from this one-sitting read:

Ch. 1: How to use this book
– Outline of what you’ll get
– Best practices for implementation
– What you’ll be able to do once you’re finished

Ch. 2: Identify & plan your goals
– Identify the end goals of your website
– Build your website strategy based on these goals
– How to balance the needs of prospects, customers, and visitors who aren’t visiting your website to make a purchase
– Homepage best practices
– Trust-building best practices

Ch. 3: Why customer research matters & where to conduct it
– Why most websites are awful — and what to do about it
– Where to observe, listen to, and talk with your ideal customers
– Where NOT to observe, listen to, and talk with your ideal customers

Ch. 4: The best ways to conduct customer research

– The best ways to gather high-quantity customer data
– The best ways to gather high-quality customer data
– How to choose the right customers to research
– How much research is enough
– Best practices for phone calls with customers

Ch 5: Distill your research to identify sticky messages & copy
– What to look for as you evaluate your research

Ch 6: Plan & outline what will go on your website
– How to use your research to inform and improve your website goals
– How to present the key messages like a conversation

Ch 7: Write your website copy
– The 3 key page sections
– Value proposition best practices
– Using the PAS technique to move people down the page
– Using the FAB technique to emphasize benefits (vs. features)
– Putting everything you’ve learned to work with the ultimate page planner

Websites that Convert launches April 2017.
Grab the first two chapters today — totally free.

About the author

Hi! I’m Claire Suellentrop. Previously Director of Marketing and employee #2 at Calendly, I helped the product grow from a few thousand beta users to over 400k users monthly, and $0 ARR to millions of dollars in ARR in 24 months.

Now, I help smart, friendly SaaS companies like FullStory, Process Street and Wistia get inside their customers’ heads. Then, I turn those user insights into high-converting marketing content like landing pages, email sequences and onboarding flows.