Website Teardown

The actionable, page-by-page teardown of your website copy

Yes, please tear down my site

Any of these sound familiar?

  • People get excited about your product when you describe it to them in-person…but your website doesn’t have the same effect
  • You get the same frustrating questions from visitors who don’t seem to understand what you do
  • Your visitor > signup and trial > paid conversion rates aren’t nearly as high they should be
  • You struggle to communicate in writing how world-changing your product is

Crisp, compelling copy turns websites into conversion machines.

Thoughtless, clunky copy turns them into ghost towns.

And the problem is: you’re too close to your own website to spot its flaws.

Your copy needs a fresh, conversion-focused perspective

As a product marketer, I have a proven process in place for getting into customers’ heads, figuring out what they really want, and turning that information into high-converting copy.

This is your chance to hire me to personally tear down your product’s website. That means I’ll:

  • Identify critical copy flaws that may be chasing away current site visitors
  • Find quick, easy-to-tackle wins that will instantly make your site’s content clearer and more compelling to your ideal prospects
  • Provide guidance on the order of your messages across each page, so visitors get the information they need — at the right time — to take action
This website teardown is perfect for you if...
  • You run a growing SaaS business or sell a digital product
  • You value crisp, conversion-focused copy more than clever puns or cute wordplay
  • You know you’re too close to your own website to spot every flaw yourself
  • You’d rather chop off your fingers than write your own copy

“I was blown away by the quality and thoroughness of Claire’s review. The recorded walkthrough was incredibly valuable. I reference back to it all the time, and have been sharing it with team members, as well.”

—Will Sykora  |  Founder, Covailnt

You'll walk away with:

A 45-60 minute recorded review

of the 3 highest-priority pages on your site. 

This includes both a video walkthrough of my recommendations for each page, and a word-for-word transcript for quicker skimming.

Recommended copy

for one key area of your website.

A 30-minute live Q&A

where we’ll discuss your review together and address any questions or concerns you have.

Convert more visitors into customers. Get a professional teardown, only $899.

Getting started is super simple. 

After checkout, you’ll complete a quick worksheet to help me understand what’s annoying you about your website — then I’ll take care of the rest.

Like magic, you’ll get your teardown in your inbox 2-3 weeks later!


My industry is very technical/unusual. If you haven’t worked in my industry, how will you know what my audience wants to hear?

As with any new adventure, preparation is the key to success. Upon booking your teardown, you’ll complete a quick worksheet to brief me on who your best customers are, and how you solve their problem. 

Before our hour together, I’ll hit the (digital) pavement to learn all about your industry, your product and your customers’ sharpest pain points.

I’m busy. Like, really busy. How much work do I have to do?

Almost none. Here’s what I’ll need from you:

  • A completed discovery worksheet, which you’ll receive immediately after purchasing your review
  • A 30-minute call after your review, so you can ask any clarifying questions you need to move forward

What does my teardown cost, in money and time?

The entire package currently costs $899, and you’ll receive your review within 2-3 weeks of your purchase. 

That’s way faster — and cheaper — than finding, hiring, and training someone to do this in-house.

Writing good copy is hard. What if I get stuck trying to put this into action?

You’re right, writing good copy is hard. You might walk away excited about the tidal wave of conversions awaiting you, but doubting your own copy chops.

If you’d rather hand off the writing to a pro, we can chat further and decide together whether I’m the right person for the job.

Okay, yes, this sounds awesome. What do I do now?

Purchase your custom website teardown here

Shortly after checkout, you’ll receive a brief discovery worksheet, where you’ll help me understand what’s happening in your world and annoying you about your website. 

Once that’s done, I’ll get to work!

Get a professional website teardown today