Shortlist: best places on the internet to conduct customer research

As founders, marketers, designers and other many-hat-wearers, we’re all plagued by the same problem:

We can’t unlearn everything we already know.

And because it’s impossible to unlearn everything we already know about how our product works, we lose our sense of empathy toward our users.

As Ruairi Galavan (Manager, Product Education at Intercom) says:

“It’s easy to lose touch with the problems your customers are experiencing, even the reasons you started up in the first place. But if you focus on building empathy with your customers, it’s much easier to stay on track.”

So, how do you build empathy with your customers?

You observe, listen to, and talk with them.

There are countless ways to do this, and my preferred method is to get on the phone (and yes, actually have conversations with people!)

But if voice-to-voice conversations with strangers fall outside your comfort zone, you might appreciate my shortlist of the best places on the internet to conduct customer research, instead.

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