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“Love these thoughtful emails. Enjoying the journey so far.”
— Dominic M.

“Just wanted to say I signed up because I’m enjoying your content so far—it’s a nice departure from a lot of the gimmicky content online.”
— Adrian F.

“Hi Claire, First I must say your clear and direct perspective is truly refreshing. I’ve enjoyed reading your email drips and listening to you podcast with Jane on UI Breakfast. You’re a true talent.”
— Andy H.

“This is an excellent email. Solid gold. Excited to be on your list! :-)”
— Kai D.

“Your focus on the human on the other side of marketing interactions really resonates with me.”
— Dana C.

“Just wanted to say I love your onboarding. Being someone who’s given this some thought, it’s amazing to see something as good as this.”
— Anton S.

“I’ve been a student of copywriting since 2007 and boy, your style rocks.”
— Etienne J.

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My book, Websites that Convert

“Well! I’ve read your book and updated my home page copy with a better value proposition. All in one afternoon. Thx! I’ve also recommended your book to a fellow entrepreneur. Cheers!”
— Etienne J.

“I really enjoyed your ‘Websites That Convert’ book. Things like being keenly aware of your site goals and deeply understanding your customer are fundamental items, but can often be lost in day-to-day activity.”
— Paul K.

“I’m working on my 3rd startup and I thought I understood CRO and copy, but this book showed me a much deeper level I wasn’t aware of. Claire offers a super useful framework with tools and resources to help everyone – from beginner to someone like me (who thought he knew what to do).”
— Dmitri L.

“I’m about to embark on writing my startup’s entire website copy. To be honest, I’ve been nervous about starting with a blank page, but now feel way more confident with the process, plan, and frameworks from Websites That Convert. Fun read too.”
— Brian S.

“Claire has packed tons of real world examples and advice for implementation into her book–and she’s also added in worksheets and outlines to help you organize your entire process from goal-setting to research to actually writing your copy.”
— Alli B.

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Working with me 1:1

“I liked Claire’s work as a writer, but beyond that, I liked that she put together a plan specific to Calendly’s stage of business at the time. It wasn’t just a general plan—it was relevant to exactly what we needed.” 

—Tope Awotona  |  CEO & Founder, Calendly


“Claire’s expertise in marketing is so valuable. Bringing her on was like having an extremely experienced person join our team, but without the distractions and overhead of a full-time hire.” 

—Amy Ellis  |  Head of Marketing & Partnerships, FullStory


“I’ve never worked with another consultant who tops the quality, timeliness, approach and value that I received working with Claire. Biggest takeaways were:

  • Improved resonance of the Covailnt value prop
  • A better understanding of how to drive website visitors to action
  • Drip Campaigns, which I had some basic conceptual understanding of, but now feel much more comfortable implementing. 

She’s set the bar — not just for other consultants or freelancers I want to work with, but for who I’d like to hire to join my team as Covailnt grows.”

Will Sykora  |  Founder, Covailnt

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