Marketing Advisor in your Pocket

In this monthly service, I’ll work 1:1 with the owner of marketing at your company, providing strategic guidance to ensure they’re building and executing a marketing plan that actually grows the business.

For many growing SaaS companies, it’s common for the first “owner” of marketing to struggle and become frustrated: stuck in the weeds executing, never quite able to focus on or master the strategic side of things. This means the CEO continues to lead strategy and becomes the micromanager they don’t have time to be, since no dedicated mentor exists to nurture and coach their employee.

Imagine the owner of marketing at your company having personal, direct access to a high-growth SaaS veteran. Imagine your marketer having the support and resources necessary to: 

  • develop and execute on a strategic marketing plan
  • champion marketing internally 
  • live and breathe your customers’ needs

When you bring me on as the Marketing Advisor in your Pocket, you won’t have to worry about micromanaging your marketing lead, or dictating exactly what they should do (and then crossing your fingers for results).

Instead, you’ll empower your marketing lead with the mentorship and guidance they need to think strategically and use their time efficiently.

And unlike self-led courses or large conferences (rarely in-depth or personalized enough to help long-term), I’ll help your marketer address your company’s unique challenges and goals.

As your company scales, and your marketing lead assumes more and more responsibility, this investment in their development will only increase in value.

“Claire’s expertise in marketing is so valuable. Bringing her on was like having an extremely experienced person join our team, but without the distractions and overhead of a full time hire.”

—Amy Ellis // Head of Marketing & Partnerships, FullStory

How does this work?

We meet for an initial 1-hour call to define the current state of marketing at your company, the goals you want to reach, and the challenges you + your marketing lead currently face.

I meet with your marketing lead for a 1-hour, weekly coaching call over the 12 weeks following. We spend that hour focused on topics including:

  • Getting out of the weeds, and thinking strategically about building the company’s marketing machine

  • Ensuring their day-to-day work is tied to a North Star metric, and measurable against specific KPIs

  • Demonstrating the results of their work to company leaders

  • Communicating effectively with other department heads (C-Suite, Product, CS, etc)

  • Thinking proactively about how to scale their efforts, beyond just working 24/7

  • They also typically inherit the spreadsheets, docs, email templates, and other resources I’ve created over the years to help them move faster and spend more time on high-impact work.

If you haven’t yet hired a marketing lead for your company, this arrangement can also take place between myself + the founder responsible for marketing. In this scenario, calls can be open-ended and used as “sounding board” time for getting third-party perspective and refining ideas, or they can revolve around specific deliverables. 

When working directly with founders, we typically focus on:

  • Language-market fit: developing a strong value proposition and hierarchy of messages that resonate with your audience, rooted in customer research

  • Brand assets: identifying company purpose, values, long-term vision, and personality (including voice and tone), to accelerate the process of onboarding future hires and ensure consistency across content created by employees/contractors representing the brand.

  • Growth plan: choosing a North Star metric for the upcoming quarter, pairing it with metrics, KPIs and budget, and working backwards to identify the best-bet opportunities. Sometimes, this includes marketing tactics — at other times, it includes filling a gap in the onboarding process or long-term usage.

What's it like to work with you?

Here’s what a few folks have said about hiring me:

“You should definitely reach out to Claire! She’s a great asset as it relates to building out a strategy. Not only that – her attention to detail and responsiveness to feedback made it easy for us to achieve what we were looking for.”
—Jen Enns // Partner, Case Study Buddy

“I haven’t worked with another consultant that tops the quality and value that I received working with Claire.

We began working together to prepare for the beta launch of Covailnt, a new community for freelancers. We now have 300+ Beta invite requests, and 65+ people in the Slack group!” 
—Will Sykora // Founder, Covailnt

“Thanks again for the great session – I really feel like I’m ready to tackle the world!”
—Chip Lay // Product Designer, Door to Door Organics

How do we get started?

Availability is limited. To ensure you receive a top-notch experience during our time together, I only take on 2 Marketing Advisor in your Pocket clients at a time.

To request a spot, choose your favorite plan below. You’ll hear back from me within 2 business days.

Choose your preferred plan

Marketing Advisor in Your Pocket is a 3-month minimum engagement. This ensures we're together long enough to start seeing results.

Founder consulting

$ 2500

Per month

  • 60-minute consultation

  • Weekly 1:1 sessions, scheduled at a convenient recurring time

  • Open-ended, "sounding board" style calls to get third-party perspective and refine ideas, or...

  • Deliverables-focused calls addressing language-market fit, brand assets, or developing a growth plan

  • Ongoing email communication

Marketing lead mentorship

$ 3500

Per month

  • 60-minute consultation

  • Weekly 1:1 sessions, scheduled at a convenient recurring time

  • Guidance on developing a strategic marketing plan, tailored to your company purpose & business goals

  • Support on getting out of the weeds, championing marketing internally, and fostering productive relationships with other department heads

  • Assistance with sharpening your positioning and messaging, based on in-depth customer research

  • Ongoing email communication

  • Tools, templates, spreadsheets, and frameworks that will help your marketer be a more efficient and analytical leader.

  • Curated library of resources covering marketing topics relevant to your business, so your marketer doesn't have to waste time combing the internet for good info