In a tech startup’s earliest stages, it’s incredibly common for founding teams to undervalue marketing.

This may be because of tunnel vision on building out the product, lack of experience on the leadership team with demand gen, product positioning, and other key early-stage growth activities, or any number of other factors.

But in every case, this puts the marketer at a disadvantage: while the marketer’s goal is to increase revenue — the lifeblood of the company — the projects they’re running are consistently de-prioritized in favor of product development.

And yeah, we marketers may be ambitious, excited to work in a “fast-paced environment” with a “culture of learning,” and passionate about the idea of building something from nothing… But the road to burnout is pretty short when you can’t get a second team member, or a more competitive salary (when you know you’re already one of the lowest paid people in the company).

Even those who don’t burn out and quit do struggle to see themselves as equals with other department heads — which can start a negative snowball of lost confidence, then over-reliance on HiPPOs, and ultimately a marketing “strategy” that’s really just a list of tactics, prescribed out of context by stakeholders or influencers.

And because a list of tactics is not a solid strategy, growth stalls (or never starts). The company founder, in serious need of more customers, has to spend more time, more money, on finding, hiring, and training a senior marketer after all.

And for the first marketer? That negative snowball of lost confidence just keeps growin’.

I care deeply about solving SaaS marketer's problems

These details may not match every tech company’s early days, but they do match many. I know plenty of people, be they clients or colleagues, who are struggling with this problem right now.

So I’m committed to helping provide the training & mentorship early-stage marketers need — in two ways:

Forget The Funnel: SaaS Marketing Workshops

A totally free, weekly series of 30-minute workshops that address the challenges faced by SaaS marketers, co-hosted with Georgiana Laudi (founder of A Better CX, previously VP Marketing at Unbounce).

During Forget The Funnel workshops, attendees learn how to think strategically, when they’re also expected to build an audience, engage with influencers, drive loads of traffic, write best-in-class content, generate leads, then nurture and convert those leads, too.

1:1 Strategy Calls

You know those times you just sit staring at your screen, wrestling with a problem that 10,000 blog posts still haven’t helped you solve? That’s when it’s time to get 1:1 help. 

When we meet for a strategy call, you’ll get completely focused, personal access to someone who’s been in your shoes as an early-stage SaaS marketer — someone you can bounce ideas off of, who can help you break through analysis paralysis, and who’ll share specific, actionable advice on what to do next.