Marketing Advisor in your Pocket: $3,500/month

For many growing SaaS companies, it’s common for the first “owner” of marketing to struggle and become frustrated: stuck in the weeds executing, never quite able to focus on or master the strategic side of things. This means the CEO continues to lead strategy and becomes the micromanager they don’t have time to be, since no dedicated mentor exists to nurture and coach their employee.

When you bring me on as the Marketing Advisor in your Pocket, you won’t have to worry about micromanaging your marketing lead, or dictating exactly what they should do (and then crossing your fingers for results).

Instead, I’ll work 1:1 with the owner of marketing at your company, providing strategic guidance and support to ensure they’re building and executing a marketing plan that actually grows the business.

Deep customer insights that fuel your growth + product strategy: starting at $6,000

At a certain point, most high-growth SaaS companies realize: “We think we know who our target audience is…at least, we’re pretty sure. But we don’t know much about how they find us, why they buy, or whether we’re really speaking their language.”

Uncovering these insights benefits your entire organization. And that’s why companies like Wistia, MeetEdgar, and Death To The Stock photo bring me on to find them.

With a clear understanding of your ideal customers’ journey, every team — marketing, sales, product, and customer success — can optimize their strategies and projects to attract, acquire, and retain more customers.

Using the Jobs To Be Done research framework, I’ll get up close and personal with your best customers — through dozens of 1:1 conversations — to understand what truly motivated them to purchase from you, how they view competition, and what drives them to keep using your product over time.

This isn’t shallow demographic data (e.g., Sally is 55, works in HR and drives a Honda). I’ll uncover the desires, fears and struggles around your customers’ decisions — which are essential to developing an effective go-to-market strategy and a stickier product.

Optional add-on: I’ll also train one of your internal team members to conduct Jobs To Be Done interviews, working side-by-side with them and providing individualized coaching and feedback. At the end of our time together, your employee walks away with a new skillset to inform and improve your growth strategy long-term.