I laughed when I recently stumbled across this quote, because it’s so painfully true: creating something is the (relatively) easy side of SaaS. 

Of course, that’s not to say writing great code and building a killer product are easy tasks; they’re simply one piece of the extremely complex puzzle that is making money and running a successful business.

After all, no product makes money in a vacuum. 

It’s the marketing, selling, optimizing funnels, and providing support that actually bring dollars through the door.

I care deeply about helping self-funded founders succeed

I enjoy working with positive, practical entrepreneurs who value sustainability over growth at all costs — and I want to see more bootstrapped SaaS products succeed. 

So I’m dedicated to helping self-funded founders improve their messaging, positioning, and marketing strategy. Here’s how:

Websites that Convert: DIY resources to help you write compelling website copy

If you’re a founder who saw a problem in the world…

Poured your soul into building something that solves that problem…
And now need to convince the rest of the world to care as much as you do about your new product…

Then this is your book. This one-sitting read outlines the fundamentals of creating a compelling website that transforms visitors into customers.

Plus, the accompanying Premium Worksheets include:

  • My personal Trello board for planning out customer research
  • The simple, friendly email template I use to invite customers to interviews
  • The exact list of interview questions I use on every research call with a customer
  • A framework for organizing customer research + distilling it to find the key details

Websites that Convert costs $19 as a standalone book, and the Premium Worksheets cost $29 — but you’ll save 30% if you buy them together!

Did I mention I’m a self-funded SaaS founder, myself? 🙂 Jane Portman, Benedikt Deicke and I are currently working on a lightweight, affordable user communication platform for SaaS companies. 

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1:1 Strategy Calls

Have you poured your heart and soul into your product, but know your marketing doesn’t really communicate its value? Have you realized you’ve needed to “do marketing” for a while now, but aren’t sure where to start?

I’m here to help. With a one-hour call, you’ll get my assistance with whatever marketing struggle you’re facing — be it high-level strategy, analysis of your current product positioning and messaging, or determining the most effective and efficient ways to reach more of your target audience.